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Israel Suárez 'Piraña' - Percussion

Israel Suárez, known as “El Piraña”, was born on April 28, 1982, and is the grandson of Porrina de Badajoz and the son of Ramón “El Portugués”. He began his career by filling in for his brother, Ramón “Porrina”, in Niña Pastori’s first record, then joined the group. He continued working with artists such as Sara Baras, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Ketama, La Barbería del Sur, Antonio Carmona, Rosario Flores, Chano Domínguez, Jerry González, Wynton Marsalis, Montse Cortés, La Tana, Joaquín Cortés, Javier Limón, Niño Josele, Alain Pérez, Concha Buika, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Fernández, Lenny Kravitz, and more. He has collaborated in films such as Fernando Trueba’s Calle 54 and Antonio Canales’s Vengo.

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AlaIn Pérez - bass

Born in 1977 in Manaca, in Santi Spíritus province, he has written a new chapter in his country’s music history. At an early age, he learned about the deeply rooted cultural traditions of his homeland by listening to his grandfather sing balads and guarachas, he was always busy teaching the most important customs and traditions of his land. His first album was EN EL AIRE by the record label Ayva Musica (Barcelona, 2007). There Pérez totally exposed his abilities, dazzling his fans, from Cuba to Spain and beyond. Whether it is playing the electric bass, the keyboard or percussion, singing or contributing with compositions or arrangements, the combination of his inborn aptitudes and the improvement of his abilities have created the frame for a new revolution in contemporary Cuban music. Well known for his contributions as collaborator for the famous guitar player Paco de Lucía and the great Latin jazz musician Jerry González as well as for having produced albums for Celia Cruz and Habana Abierta, Pérez finally has the opportunity to shine for his own with his impressive mastery. As Enrique Morente says, one of the flamenco singers and composers best revered in Spain: “Alain Pérez is a wonderful discovery. He is going to make big impact. He is fabulous, magnificent.”

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Antonio Sánchez - guitar

Antonio Sánchez was born in Madrid in 1984, and from an early age began to study flamenco guitar with his uncles Paco de Lucia and Ramón de Algeciras and with his cousin José María Bandera, and then continued his training with the ‘maestro’ Juan Manuel Cañizares. After working and practicing for years in the best tablaos of the country, he joins the Paco de Lucia Septet as second guitar, which will accompany the ‘maestro’ for four years until he passed in February 2014.

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Antonio Serrano - Harmonica

Antonio Serrano was born in Madrid in 1974. His father started teaching him the harmonica (his main instrument) by the age of 7, and later he went on to study with the great Larry Adler. Antonio soon developed an amazing technique on the chromatic harmonica that has allowed him to play in many different contexts, dominating all styles of music, from classical music to jazz, blues, tango and flamenco. 

Antonio first received international attention at the age of 13 when he performed in Paris as a duo with Larry Adler. This concert marked the beginning of a long-standing relationship between the two harmonica players, one which would greatly enhance Antonio´s already promising professional career. Larry Adler became Antonio´s mentor and they performed together on many occasions. In 1992 when Antonio was just 18 he performed the Malcolm Arnold Harmonica Concerto, which was written specifically for the great master, Larry Adler.

As a young adult, having previously focused predominantly on classical music, Antonio went on to study many other genres of music, spending a number of years performing with blues, jazz and pop artists until be became known in his home country as one of the most important improvisers of his generation, recording on hundreds of records of all styles of music.

After becoming known as an instrumentalist of virtuosic abilities, it was inevitable that one day, he would receive the call from Spain´s most important instrumentalist of all time, the flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía.

Antonio eventually became famous for introducing the harmonica in flamenco music, an almost impenetrable genre for musicians outside the flamenco culture. He continues to tour the world with this living legend, whilst also pursuing his solo career and performing as a guest artist with other musicians. Over the years, Antonio has played and/or recorded with Larry Adler, Toots Thielemans, Wynton Marsalis, Jerry Gonzalez, Chano Dominguez, Lou Bennett, Jorge Pardo, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Armando Manzanero, Luis Salinas, Javier Colina and many more.

During his career, Antonio has played with the symphonic orchestras of Venezuela (Simón Bolivar), Belgium, Cologne, Heidelberg, Kiel and Turkish Radio amongst others, playing original Concertos for harmonica by H. Villalobos, Malcolm Arnold, and arrangements of Enescu, Gershwin, Piazzolla and more.

As a session musician, Antonio Serrano has recorded with most of the major pop and rock artists in Spain and as well as on the soundtracks to numerous films by the renowned Spanish film maker Pedro Almodovar.

Antonio Serrano has released 7 albums, his most recent is “Harmonious” released in February 2013.

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David De Jacoba - voice

Born and raised in Motril, Granada, De Jacoba he has an exclusive and unique voice and a perfect sense of rhythm and tuning. 
He moved to Madrid in 2008 and started with some of the greatest artists: Niño Josele, El Güito, Joaquín Cortés and Enrique Morente, woho asked him to join the show “FEDRA” directed by Miguel Narro. 
He joined the sextet of Tomatito in 2009 (along with Lucky Losada and José Maya).
In 2010 he joined Paco de Lucía’s group, performing in the most famous stages of the world. He combined these performances with other projects such as “La Misa Flamenca” by Tito Losada and other soloist performances. 
Although he feels confortable in the most pure orthodox sing, he has also worked with figures of the Latin-jazz such as Giovanni Hidalgo, Jerry González, Alain Pérez or Caramelo, adding his emphatic voice to their musicality.

Antonio Fernández Montoya 'Farruco' - dance

Farruco made his internationally debut at the age of two in Berlin and participated in his first film Bodas de Gloria at the age of six under the direction of the grandfather Farruco.

In 1998, at the age of 10, he created his own company Los gnomos del flamenco and participated in many festivals in Spain and the world (Colonia, Kiev…).

In January 2001, he joined the play Incógnito with Francis Brunn’s. The same year, he participated in the show by his brother Farruquito and Family, in New York, touring in the USA. In October of the same year, he toured as a soloist in Mexico with Antonio Canales.

Antonio El Farruco, despite his short age has always had a preferential place in all the shows created by his brother such as Raíces Flamencas, La Len Varó, Por Derecho or Alma Vieja. In all of them, he has stood out as a great and strong dancer.

In 2005, he starred the film El Triunfo, by the Catalan director Mireia Ros, winner of the Biznaga de Plata for best soundtrack in the Spanish Cinema Festival of Malaga in 2006, with Ángela Molina and Juan Diego, among others.

In February of 2006, he released a show as a soloist named Farruco, touring the best theatres in the world such as the City Center of New York.

In 2007, he created his last show Al Natural being the author of the music, lyrics and choreography and sharing stage with his cousin Barullo and the dancer José Maya and touring the world succeeding in important media newspapers such as The New York Times. With his show, he collaborated in the tours of important artists such as Beyoncé, Björk, Marc Anthony and Paulina Rubio.

In 2008/2009, he toured the most important theatres of the world with his show Los Farruco, directed by himself.

Apart from being a dancer, he has also collaborated as the author of several records and in many shows by Tomatito, El Barrio, etc. He has also participated in the last show by Farruquito called Puro, where he was the author of the music and lyrics. He also toured the world with Paco De Lucía.

Apart from being a dancer, he has also collaborated as the author of several records and in many shows by Tomatito, El Barrio, etc. He has also participated in the last show by Farruquito called Puro, where he was the author of the music and lyrics. He also toured the world with Paco De Lucía.